Figuramian Geld

Figuramians are rewarded for their passion and loyalty. Once you become a registered member of Figurama Collectors, you can begin earning points simply for doing what you love — building your action figure collection. Every time you make a purchase or participate in our community of collectors, you’ll bank points that you can then redeem in the form of a credit on your next order. Or, you can choose to hoard accrued points for mighty savings on your next collector masterpiece.

figuramian gelds faq

How Do I Earn Figuramian Gelds?

You can bank rewards in your Figurama member account in four ways:

By making purchases through the website. Credits are earned based on the purchase price, only after discounts are applied and excluding taxes and shipping costs.
monetary value of their purchase.

What is the Value of a Credit?

Credit values vary. You earn more rewards for purchases than for social networking, but all earned credits can be applied to future purchases on qualifying figures. Reward credits are only available for redemption as in-store credit. You cannot redeem the points for cash.

How are Rewards Redeemed?

You redeem rewards points during the checkout process. To apply credits, select Figuramian Rewards as a payment method. Credits cannot be combined with other Figurama promo codes or website discounts. If your balance exceeds your account credits, then you will need to provide another payment method, such as a gift card, debit card or credit card. Contact customer service if you have problems applying your rewards.

Are there Resrictions on Earning and Redeming Credits?

Depending on the product, Figurama Collectors may require accumulation of a minimum amount of credits before you can redeem them. Once you reach the specified level, you can then apply the balance toward your purchase. We also reserve the right to cap the number of credits that you can apply to an order. If we decide to limit the number of credits that you can accrue, you will need to redeem the points before you can earn more. Additionally, you must agree to maintain only one account. If we suspect that you have created multiple accounts in order to boost social networking credits, we have the right to terminate your accounts and reclaim your rewards points. You may not sell, barter or transfer any of your points to another account.

Do my Credits Expire?

Accrued rewards do not expire. However, Figurama Collectors reserves the right to change this policy or set an expiration date on special promotional credits. Points expire in the order that they were earned. We will notify you by email if you have points that are about to expire.

How do I Manage my Reward Credits?

To view your rewards balance, login to Figurama Collectors and then navigate to your account. The Figuramians Rewards section lists your total credits and the monetary equivalency. Your history displays all credits acquired, redeemed and expired. You will also see the minimum balance needed to redeem credits and if you have maxed out your potential rewards. Figurama Collectors sends email notifications when account balances change and before points expire. To unenroll from the rewards program, contact our customer service department. When you leave the program, you automatically forfeit all accrued credits and are no longer able to earn reward points for approved activities and purchases.



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