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Edition Size: 200-400

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Figurama's latest Alucard Elite Exclusive statue depicts this iconic scene of the vampire as he calls upon the full lethal power of his Familiar Control. The captured souls, each represented by an all-knowing eye, swirl beneath his feet, twisting into a ferocious beast that is ready to devour more prey. Reaching a commanding 67 centimeters (over 26 inches) in height, the Elite Exclusive statue is a dynamic piece of art. Cloaked in his signature charcoal suit, leather riding boots, knotted red cravat and duster coat, the dapper humanoid version of Alucard arrogantly poses with his arms outstretched as if taunting the enemies standing before him. Each hand daringly dangles his signature weapons -- semi-automatic handguns named the .454 Casull and the Jackal -- toward the ground as if fully welcoming the chaos that is about to be unleashed. This hand-painted polystone Elite Exclusive statue is also constructed with high level of details to realistically replicate the elegant vampire who always finishes off foes in his unique style. Switchable heads are available.


Chronicling the adventures of Alucard, an old and powerful vampire who serves the Hellsing Organization by hunting other supernatural forces, the “Hellsing: Ultimate” OVA story-line kicks the popular vampire franchise up a notch. Whether he is eradicating ghouls, butchering soldiers or destroying the Vatican’s air forces, Alucard is a ferociously cruel hunter who revels in humiliating his opponents with taunts before brutally killing them.

While Alucard possesses an extensive arsenal of supernatural abilities, the most fearsome is his power to absorb souls and then use their knowledge and skills to his advantage. During the Battle of London, Alucard summons the entire legion that dwells within him to fight by his side. Once transformed into Level Zero, Alucard is an unstoppable force who fills every enemy with dread.

Additional Details




Hellsing Ultimate


Elite Exclusive Series

Approx Size

H 67cm (26 inch) x W 57cm (22 inch) x D 52cm (20 inch)

Edition Size

200-400 pcs

Concept Artist

Evan Lee


Jesse Sandifer


Mikiya Takahashi "Hellpainter"

Creative Direction

Figurama Collectors Development Team


Ecofriendly Polystone, Translucent Resin, PU


Hand Painted, Premium colors

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Edition Size: 200-400

$845.00 Price inc.Val$845.00

  • Availability: out of stock
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